Hidden Vitamin B1 Benefits You Need to Know

vitamin B1 Benefits

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) also known as thiamine and it is use in hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s.

Vitamin B1 benefits will provide you energy and it also helpful to prevent fatigue.

Anyhow increased energy is only one of the many vitamin B1 benefits that has to offer.

Now let’s discuss hidden thyroid benefits of thiamine that can help boost your thyroid functions.

The recent researchers shown that thiamine deficiency was rare and only found prevalently among alcoholics and it also helped shed some much needed light on the involvement of thiamine deficiency among other deadly diseases.

About 55% of cancer patients test positive for thiamine deficiency. Another study shows that thiamine deficiency is found in more than 75% of diabetes.

Thiamine Benefits

You should focus a lot on restoring healthy oxidative (carbohydrate) metabolism and it is essential for proper thyroid function and energy production.

Without these adequate thiamine, any of us can’t convert carbohydrates into energy and our metabolism fails.

If carbohydrate metabolism fails, it can be cause to fails your energy production,

cause domino effect of thyroid-suppressive and you produce lactic acid instead of carbon dioxide that starves your cells of oxygen.

So vitamin B1 benefits provide you a lot of good effects for a healthy life style. Hidden vitamin B1 benefits are given below.

Vitamin B1 Is Essential to Overcoming Estrogen Dominance

Studies shows that, Without adequate thiamine, human liver simply can’t inactivate and detoxify estrogen.

If any case your liver can’t detoxify estrogen, it directly suppresses your thyroid gland and metabolism.

But you need to know that certain other B-Vitamins are essential for proper thyroid function too. So vitamin B1 benefits play a big role in human body.

Essential for Blood Sugar Regulation

Next pick up of vitamin B1 benefits. Do you know that estrogen dominance, hypothyroidism and blood sugar instability go hand-in-hand?

Yes it is because with hypothyroidism comes an increased risk of insulin resistance (diabetes).

If you unable to metabolize carbohydrates, you also can’t use thyroid hormone (T3) efficiently.

It is show you that these cases of diabetes and elevated blood sugar, thiamine has been shown to help improve your ability to use carbohydrates (glucose) and regulate blood sugar.

Blood Sugar Regulation
source: careworldtv

Reduce Ammonia for Improved Brain Function

Vitamin B1 benefits for preventing the breakdown of protein in your body to limit the amount of ammonia released.

In this case, many experience improvement in brain fog, mental clarity, and memory recall.

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