The Most Best Lower Back Exercises at Home

Lower Back Exercises at Home

If you wish to do lower back exercises at home you must isolate several muscles and have to know more details about anatomy.

Do you know that lower back muscles need more specialized exercises to isolate more than exercises like deadlift.

You need to have stronger lower back muscles because it can protect your spine from injuries and also carry over into body movements just like squat and deadlift who require lower back strength.

If you used to do lower back exercises at home you are allow to extend and rotate your spline.

The extending spine is just like the way that arching it. That is doing opposite motion of rounding your back muscles.

Then your lower back muscles are working when you arch your back muscles.
Good lower back exercises at home
If you wish to do lower back exercises at home you think it is too much hard because you haven’t equipment and space.

It is not true. If you have enough space to lay down you can do lower back exercises at home easily.

But you need to find some soft thing to lay down while you doing supermans and prone back extensions.

If you willing to do deadlift you need something light to pick up just like heavy box or something filled with heavy thing.
3 most important lower back exercise at home are given below.

Easy Prone Back Extension

In here your lower back muscles pull your upper body off from the ground and it can do easy way. Here is the description to do it.
First of all lie down on the ground on your stomach with your legs straight.

Now you need to raise your head, shoulders, and chest off of the mat. Pause for one second and then lay back down on the mat.

Alternating Superman

Superman exercises is something that cross your body and it can makes your lower back work by extending and rotating at the same time.

Direction to do is given below.
First you need to lay down on the ground on your stomach with your legs straight and arms overhead. Next step is to raise your right arm and left leg into the air.

Lower them down and raise your left arm and right leg into the air.


This is the another lower back exercises at home. Now discuss about how to do it.

First Put an object on the floor that you can comfortably grasp with two hands. Then stick your butt back and lower yourself until you can grab the object. Then Stand up while holding the object. Keep your arms straight. After that lower it back to the ground.


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