Do You Know This 6 Hidden Reasons Why You Can’t Get Pregnant?

Do you know this 6 Hidden Reasons Why You Can’t Get Pregnant?
There are main factors that reduce the chances of having a baby are well known like, childbirth and breastfeeding, using birth control pills, smoking. Anyhow even the absence of these reasons doesn’t guarantee that you will get pregnant.

There are hidden causes that you should know. Let’s talk about this reasons here briefly.

6. You consume too many trans fats.

Eating trans fats that found in baked goods, pizzas, snacks like chips, fried foods will lead negatively impact fertility, meaning that ovulation does not occur.

You need to limit consumption of these foods as consuming them instead of healthy carbohydrates can cause up to a 73% increased risk of an ovulatory disorder. When you are craving these trans fat carbs, it’s better to eat snacks like bananas, whole grain rye crispbread, almonds, or yogurt with berries.

5. You are over exercising.

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Exercising definitely improve your fertility to a certain extent, but you should know the importance of getting the right amount of exercise. Doing too much can impact your balance of energy and negatively affect your reproductive cycle.

Research has shown that long and intense daily exercise may affect your ability to get pregnant. Moderation is the key to maintaining your health and wellness.

4. Your body mass index is low

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When you have a lower than normal BMI, you may put at an increased risk of ovarian dysfunction, infertility, and preterm birth. Eating disorders surely associated with a lower BMI and may sometimes negatively impact menstruation and fertility.

If you feel unable to keep track of your nutrition, you can use specialized apps that will track your calories and weight as well as other health-related symptoms.

3. Your partner is stressed out.

Your partner is stressed outAccording to the studies, the man’s fertility is significantly affected by life stressors, including work, family, and social life. Being unable to cope with these problems has the greatest negative impact.

2. You use the wrong lubricant

If you want to improve the chances of a pregnancy, carefully choose the correct type of lubricant for you. The good news: there are lubricants which may be beneficial for male fertility. Some have the appropriate pH level (7.2-8.0). Others contain magnesium ions and calcium that imitate the body’s own natural fluids. It’s also been proven that baby oil can work.

1. You can’t calculate your fertile window correctly.

Sometimes it’s hard to make accurate predictions, especially if your period is irregular. However, technology can help you out. There are apps like Flo Period Tracker (it’s free for iOS and Android) that make accurate cycle predictions.

In addition, once you get pregnant, you can keep the app by simply switching to pregnancy mode and enjoying baby development info and personalized health insights.