Do you know the Benefits of Donating Blood?

benefits of donating blood

The Health Benefits of Donating Blood.Do you know that for each three seconds someone just like children, cancer patients, accident victims needs a blood transfusion?

Yes it is.

Not only that there are more benefits of blood donation. Best benefits of donating blood is you can save more than three human lives each time when you donating blood.

How ever less than 4% donating blood out of 60% population.
National Blood Donor month held in June each year. Now let’s discuss about the unexpected health benefits as a donor.

I’m so sure that after you read out this article you will donate blood and contribute to save a valuable life.

Able to get a mini medical.

Everyone knows that donating blood only eligible for the one who fit enough to do so.

Because of this before every blood donation you have to check your haemoglobin level and your blood pressure and also pulse rate taken.

Isn’t it huge benefits of donating blood?

Reduce your risk of heart disease and cholesterol.

The “American Journal of Epidemiology” shows that 33% less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Not only that 88% is about to less suffer from heart attacks. According to the studies iron do a significant impact on the body.

High blood iron percentage can cause a variety of symptoms such as irregular heart beat, muscle weakness, decreased libido and enlarged liver etc.

Not only that high level of iron leads to free radical damage in the body and it can increased risk of cancer as well.

Blood Donation benefits
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Burns calories.

Each time you donating blood it can burn up to 650 calories just the way body has to work hard to replenish itself.

These are the benefits of donating blood. Anyhow a donor can only give blood every 56 days.

Benefits Of Blood Donation

Self motivation and happiness of saving a another life.

This is the most significant benefits of donating blood. Each time you donate your blood it can save a valuable human life.

Each three second you can save a more than four recipients. Health psychology found that people who donate blood can reduce the risk of mortality than others.

Isn’t it a more valuable benefits of donating blood?

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